Merry Stress-Mas!

By Sherree Walters, Guild Trainer and Assessor Tis the season to be Jolly, and is also known as the season to be stressed! Christmas is the time of year many of us love to hate or hate to love. It’s the time of year where we’re enviously glaring at people who have it all organised … Read more

How to survive the Christmas hangover!

By Nicholas Efstathis, Professional Practice Pharmacist, Business Support With Christmas and News Years just around the corner, we’ve assembled the best and worst of hangover cures, to get you through those nightmare egg nog hangovers! The hard stuff: Physiology Once Alcohol (ethanol) is ingested, the liver begins the process of breaking down the ethanol into … Read more

Five tips to maintain your mental wellbeing!

By Amy Billing, Content Creator Ask yourself, how is your mental health today? What practices do you maintain to ensure a healthy state of mind? If you answered nothing to the last question, listen up! We have some simple tips to improve your mental health. Make meditation a part of your daily routine Recent studies … Read more

Join the Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Program now!

The Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Program (PNSP) aims to reduce the incidence of blood borne viruses (e.g. HIV, Hepatitis B & C) and injecting related injuries and disease. The program supplies sterile injecting equipment to injecting drug users with the aim of ensuring users do not share needles; therefore, reducing the spread of blood borne viruses within the … Read more

Eye, eye Captain!

By Guild trainer/assesor Linden Pirrone Eyes are the window to our soul but our eyes are also the window to the outside world. Without clear vision everyday tasks can become an impossible struggle. We often don’t think of the physical and emotional repercussions if our eye sight deteriorates and it is very possible that our … Read more

Help support those with a mental health illness

According to Mental Health Australia, Approximately 20 per cent of the Australian population will experience mental illness in any given year. Upskill to support customers, families, friends and workmates in times of a mental health crisis. Network and acquire new skills – a great addition to your CV! Conversations for Life is a suicide prevention … Read more

Can some supplements at the pharmacy help boost immunity? Written by Guild Trainer/Assessor Eloise Tombs

This is a question I hear so commonly from customers during the winter months as they succumb to colds and flu.   Although there are some overseas studies into the efficacy of herbal supplements such as astalagus, andographis and echinacea show promising symptom relief, the Therapeutics Goods Administration of Australia have yet to  issue an … Read more

QCPP training webinars

Human Resources (HR) and QCPP Do you get overwhelmed by the HR coordination in your pharmacy? Discover how QCPP can assist you to address the essential elements of your HR systems! Date: Friday 1 July, 2016 Time: 10 am – 11 am Register now   Assessment Ready Preparing for your QCPP assessment? Put your mind … Read more

How to manage dry skin in winter

By Melanie Gill, QCPP Pharmacy Practice Officer These past few weeks we have certainly noticed a change in the weather, as much as I’m sad to say it; winter is here! While it does come with the benefits of hot chocolates, soups and lazy days by the fire, the cold and dry weather really takes … Read more