Pharmacies trial influenza, measles and whooping cough vaccinations

With influenza season fast approaching, Queensland recently experiencing a measles outbreak and the risk of whooping cough ever-present, the Queensland Pharmacist Immunisation Pilot (QPIP) aims to investigate the benefits of having registered pharmacists provide vaccinations against these three highly contagious diseases. Approximately 200 pharmacies are currently involved in QPIP Phase Two so if your pharmacy … Read more

What do you know about diabetes?

4% of the population with diabetes account for 12% of health costs Diabetes is on the rise in Australia, with 62 Queenslanders diagnosed with the condition every day. It can lead to a range of complications which can cause disability and reduce quality of life and life expectancy. Diabetes is an enormous public health and … Read more

Helping your customers manage their weight

The growing number of consumers seeking smarter diet and lifestyle solutions to improve personal health means there are plenty of people coming into your pharmacy looking for assistance. As a pharmacy assistant, you need to ensure the information that you supply to your customers is quality information supported by evidence. The information you provide should … Read more