‘Discover More’ Campaign – Phase 2

The Pharmacy’s Guild’s highly effective national consumer advertising campaign which was launched in 2014 will enter a new phase in mid-June with the launch of the second chapter of the Discover More, Ask Your Pharmacist campaign. The campaign is designed to strengthen community pharmacy’s position among consumers as a trusted source of health service and … Read more

Customer Experience Index – Meet the team!

The Customer Experience Index (CEI) is a business enhancement tool which helps you see your pharmacy through the eyes of your customers. We talk to your customers to gain an understanding of their experience in your pharmacy and provide you with practical advice on simple ways to improve their experience. As part of CEI, we … Read more

Needlestick injuries in the pharmacy

What comes to mind when someone says needle stick injury? My first thought used to be HIV. Surprisingly, HIV transmission is actually much further down the list than you think, especially when you look at the blood-borne viruses that may be transmitted via needle stick injury (NSI). Interesting facts on occupational NSIs: An estimated 1 … Read more

Pharmacies trial influenza, measles and whooping cough vaccinations

With influenza season fast approaching, Queensland recently experiencing a measles outbreak and the risk of whooping cough ever-present, the Queensland Pharmacist Immunisation Pilot (QPIP) aims to investigate the benefits of having registered pharmacists provide vaccinations against these three highly contagious diseases. Approximately 200 pharmacies are currently involved in QPIP Phase Two so if your pharmacy … Read more

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Know your numbers 2015

ATTENTION Know your numbers Coordinator and pharmacy staff! The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland is proud to have partnered with the National Stroke Foundation over the past three years to support and promote the Know your numbers (KYN) program in community pharmacies. We wish to thank you for participating in this program.  You have helped … Read more