Spiced Mulled Wine

We may never experience a dreamy white Christmas down under, but we can still enjoy a spiced mulled wine in the festive season! This recipe for mulled wine is the perfect addition to your Christmas feast! Ingredients 2 clementines 1 lemon 1 lime 200 g caster sugar 6 whole cloves 1 cinnamon stick 3 fresh … Read more

How to survive the Christmas hangover!

By Nicholas Efstathis, Professional Practice Pharmacist, Business Support With Christmas and News Years just around the corner, we’ve assembled the best and worst of hangover cures, to get you through those nightmare egg nog hangovers! The hard stuff: Physiology Once Alcohol (ethanol) is ingested, the liver begins the process of breaking down the ethanol into … Read more

Photos from the Road: Bundaberg

Linden Pirrone, Guild Trainer and Assessor recently visited her student Kimberley Potter in Bundaberg, who recently completed her Certificate III. Upon Lindens visit, another staff member, Julie (pictured) enrolled in her Certificate III after seeing what Kimberley had gained from her study. Congratulations to Kimberley and good luck to Julie!           … Read more