April Student of the Month

We are pleased to announce that the Guild Training QLD Student of the Month for April is Lyndell Abela from Walkerston Guardian Pharmacy! Walkerston is found 20min west of the beautiful Mackay coastline. Nominated by her Guild Trainer, Katy Duldig, Lyndell was commended for her ingenuity and dedication to her role as Dispensary Assistant. As … Read more

March Boss of the Month

The Guild Training QLD Boss of the Month for March is Adam Harradine from Moore Park Beach Pharmacy and Priceline Bundaberg! Nominated by Guild Trainer Linden Pirrone, Adam has been recognised for the way he supports and encourages his team. Linden explained, “Adam is always willing to take the time to explain things very clearly.” … Read more

Upskilling and Studying – Increase your Appetite for Learning!

By Alice Vanderpol, 2018 Pharmacy Assistant of the Year The S word… Some people (like me) have an appetite for study; the more knowledge and information we absorb, the happier we are. On the other hand, some people quiver at their knees when they hear that dreaded word… ‘study’. Because ‘study’ means hard work, long … Read more