Pharmacy Assistants on the Frontline – Know Your Worth!

By Alice Vanderpol, 2018 Pharmacy Assistant of the Year The Frontline  Pharmacy assistants are often on the frontline; we maintain and protect the day-to-day relationship with our customers, remember their stories, their name and encourage them to come again. In this changing industry where customers want more from us than ever before, we have the … Read more

WELCOME TO MY HOUSE: Up close and personal with PATY Award winner Alice Vanderpol

THE DREAM All I ever wanted to do was be a Veterinary Nurse! Well… let’s be honest, my dream job was actually a Tiger Trainer at Dream World! So I pursued the next best thing…working with cats on a smaller scale…Veterinary Nursing! I was born on a dairy farm in Gippsland.  After a sea change … Read more