Pharmacy Assistant of the Year State Finalists Announced

The opportunity to represent their state and to potentially win the Pharmacy Guild of Australia/ Maxigesic Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award (PATY) is one step closer for a group of 50 pharmacy assistants. A complete list of the state finalists can be found here: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, National President, Mr. Trent … Read more

How do I pronounce that?

There is no doubt that some words in the pharmacy industry can be a challenge to pronounce. While pronunciation may not be high on your list of priorities, having a common way to pronounce words provides patients with a clear understanding and helps to improve health literacy. Imagine how confusing it would be to have … Read more

Being Sun Safe this Summer

By Guild Trainer/Assessor Cameron Miller It seems like something all of a sudden changes when our calendars roll over to December 1st. It’s almost like it’s in the air, we notice and feel it as it starts to build. Excitement and anticipation building for the coming holidays coupled with the tension that goes along with … Read more

Is your glass half full or half empty?

By Guild Trainer/Assessor Linden Pirrone Many of us have been asked the question is our glass half full or is it half empty? Are we asked the question to determine our attitude towards life or are we being asked this question for dietary reasons? There is so much more to our glass being half full … Read more

Meet Sharyn, Tassie’s New Trainer

Tasmanian Pharmacy Assistants studying with the Guild are being supported by the wonderful Guild Trainer/Assessor Sharyn McErlean. Sharyn is the dedicated Trainer for the Tasmania region and is often on the road visiting students and pharmacies across the state. With 29 years of pharmacy experience under her belt, and five years with the Pharmacy Guild, … Read more

Don’t Be Wounded By Wound Care

By Alison Hope Community pharmacies are in an ideal position to help patients with wound care. If information given is accurate and conducive to wound healing, patients will trust you as their health care provider. The Healing Process The skin heals in a three-stage process1.Inflammatory stage: Blood vessels constrict to prevent blood loss and platelets … Read more

Why choose Guild Training?

When it comes to investing in your career, Guild Training is the industry leader for community pharmacy training. We provide quality and comprehensive courses to ensure you gain the most up to date skills to increase your knowledge and enhance your skills. Top 5 reasons why Guild Training is the industry leader for community pharmacy training: Our … Read more