Queensland’s PATY Finalist

Congratulations to the Queensland Pharmacy Assistant of the Year, Julie Warhurst from Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse Cannon Hill. Julie impressed the judges with her knowledge, and compassion for her customers. Julie has been a pharmacy assistant for 31 years and considers being the Queensland Winner the biggest achievement of her career. “I really believe in … Read more

Exposed: cold and flu myths

A mix of old wives’ tales and internet experts means there are a lot of myths floating around about every topic under the sun. And, because we are more likely to google our symptoms these days, before we head to the doctor or pharmacy, some of those myths get confused for fact. This month, we’re … Read more

Armed robbery prevention and survival training

Did you know that a ram raid attack for prescription medicines can cost a pharmacy in excess of $40,000 in collateral damages? Robberies make the news almost every day in Australia and the common belief is, ‘it will never happen to me’. Personal Safety and Crime Prevention Consultant, Dale Jackson wants to make sure pharmacies … Read more

Training opportunities

‘Medicines to relieve pain’ The Guild Pharmacy Academy has partnered with GSK to develop a comprehensive online guide for pharmacy assistants on the supply of Pharmacy Medicines to relieve pain. This QCPP Refresher Training course emphasises the ASK, ASSESS, ADVISE protocol and appropriate pharmacist referral. Pharmacy assistants can access the course via the Guild Academy’s … Read more

Student of the month – August 2015

The August Student of the month is Amanda Rollings from Laidley Pharmacy! Trainer and Assessor, Bianca Ellison has been impressed by Amanda over the last few months, especially with her confidence levels, which have improved greatly since they met. Bianca can tell Amanda enjoys working in pharmacy and looking after her customers, and her written … Read more

Brain Tweezers – Colds and flu

Many people refer to the common cold as ‘the flu’ but influenza is a more serious respiratory infection that usually makes the customer sick enough to go to bed. The flu tends to affect the chest and is usually accompanied by a fever, and limb and joint pain. The common cold only affects the upper … Read more