Armed robbery prevention and survival training

Did you know that a ram raid attack for prescription medicines can cost a pharmacy in excess of $40,000 in collateral damages?

Robberies make the news almost every day in Australia and the common belief is, ‘it will never happen to me’.

Personal Safety and Crime Prevention Consultant, Dale Jackson wants to make sure pharmacies and pharmacy staff are prepared for the worst, so that the worst can be prevented.

“Pharmacies are likely targets for ram raid attacks because both money and medicines are available in the one place. Armed robbery is a traumatic crime that can seriously affect you and your staff, so it is important to ensure risk mitigation techniques are in place”, Dale said.

Dale will be presenting an armed robbery prevention and survival training session to pharmacy assistants at this year’s Pharmacy Assistant National Conference (PA2015). Delegates will gain valuable insight into best practice responses should an incident occur, and learn practical armed robbery awareness training including the crime prevention techniques of environmental design and electronic surveillance.

As a Senior Criminologist and Queensland Police Senior Crime Prevention Officer for over 20 years, Dale was responsible for developing police collaborative crime prevention partnerships to address causes of crime, in particular, armed robbery and ram raid offences against pharmacies. He has also developed and delivered many personal safety seminars for women throughout Australia.

Each year, the Pharmacy Assistant National Conference provides pharmacy assistants with a high quality education program covering topics areas ranging from product knowledge and career and personal development to management skills.

Send 2 or more staff and receive a FREE APP2015 registration!To view the array of outstanding speakers who will be joining Dale on this year’s conference program, visit the conference website. PA2015 is being held from 15-17 October on the Gold Coast.