Get to know the PATY state finalists!

Clare Stone, Queensland State winner Sally Edwards, Nothern Territory State winner Kylie Marsh, New South Wales State winner Kimberley Hunt, South Australia State winner Karlie Read, Western Australia State winner Samuel Vince, Tasmania State Winner Stephanie Meiklejohn, Victoria State Winner Get to know the State and Territory Finalists of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy … Read more

Getting to know the team: Erin Le Feuvre

Erin has been a Guild Trainer/Assessor since 2015 and has over seven years’ experience as a pharmacy assistant.   Erin was also a Queensland state finalist for Pharmacy Assistant of the Year (PATY) in 2015! We wanted to get to know Erin a bit better, so we sat down and asked her a few questions about … Read more

Getting to know the team – Lisa Point

Lisa Point has been with the Guild for the past twelve years, bringing invaluable experience across multiple avenues within the pharmacy industry, retail pharmacy and training. We spoke with Lisa to discover more about her extensive career at the Guild. Have you been working as Trainer and Assessor during your twelve years at the Guild? No, … Read more