Boss of the month – June 2015

This month’s Boss of the month is Annie Ward from Edmonton Pharmacy, just south of Cairns. Annie has been nominated by her team for being a helpful and supportive supervisor. A motivational leader, Annie is always on hand to assist her team with their studies: “Annie is amazing. She helps us all to complete our … Read more

Student of the month – June 2015

The June Student of the month is Mandy Rae from Gayndah Guardian Pharmacy. She has been nominated by her boss Sam Rowles for her willingness to give anything go. Mandy is currently working on her Certificate III in Community Pharmacy to broaden her knowledge in professional health care. As part of Mandy’s recent training, she … Read more

PATY 2015 breaks records!

This year, more than 450 pharmacy assistants were recognised for their outstanding contribution to their pharmacy! We’re excited with this new record for Pharmacy Assistant of the Year (PATY) nominations. We are proud to say that 33% of those nominees are from Queensland, more than any other State or Territory. Well done to the nominated … Read more

Pain management and pharmacy – Part 1

National Pain Week is coming up in July, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about pain and solutions that can be found in the pharmacy for your customers. It’s likely you see people in pain pop into the pharmacy every day looking for a solution; whether they are topping up their … Read more

Needlestick injuries in the pharmacy

What comes to mind when someone says needle stick injury? My first thought used to be HIV. Surprisingly, HIV transmission is actually much further down the list than you think, especially when you look at the blood-borne viruses that may be transmitted via needle stick injury (NSI). Interesting facts on occupational NSIs: An estimated 1 … Read more

100 Things – what’s on your list?

Have you ever put together a bucket list, either mentally or on paper? Is there one thing you would love to do to make your life complete? At this year’s Pharmacy Assistant National Conference (PA2015), motivational speaker Sebastian Terry will take you on his journey of ticking off 100 items from his own bucket list. … Read more