Boss of the month – June 2015

This month’s Boss of the month is Annie Ward from Edmonton Pharmacy, just south of Cairns. Annie has been nominated by her team for being a helpful and supportive supervisor.

A motivational leader, Annie is always on hand to assist her team with their studies:

“Annie is amazing. She helps us all to complete our study on time and motivates us to our books – she is always there to assist us. When she’s answering questions about product information and some of the tougher questions in our workbooks, she’s always happy to go through everything carefully. Annie is an excellent manager and we’re lucky to have her!”

Some facts about Edmonton:

  • Originally a sugar cane farming area, Edmonton is now home to a water park called ‘Sugarworld’, where visitors can see remnants of Edmonton’s sugar cane mill.
  • Edmonton has a population of 9,934.

Edmonton apparently takes its name from Edmonton in London, England.