Seven things pharmacy assistants can say, and two they should not

Author: Heather Sexena, originally published in Pharmacy News The TGA has issued instructions to guide pharmacy assistants on what they can say to patients before and after all codeine products become prescription-only next year. The TGA says there can be a fine line between patient education and advertising, “especially if the content and presentation of information … Read more

Get to know the PATY state finalists!

Clare Stone, Queensland State winner Sally Edwards, Nothern Territory State winner Kylie Marsh, New South Wales State winner Kimberley Hunt, South Australia State winner Karlie Read, Western Australia State winner Samuel Vince, Tasmania State Winner Stephanie Meiklejohn, Victoria State Winner Get to know the State and Territory Finalists of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy … Read more

Interview: Sally Edwards, Nothern Territory PATY State winner

How did you get started in pharmacy? I was an optical mechanic by trade, manufacturing contact lens in Adelaide. I was 30 years old, pregnant with my daughter, and my husband and I had just bought a house in the Adelaide Hills when the company we were both employed by closed down. I had been … Read more