Boss of the Month October

The October Boss of the Month is Edward Yau, Pharmacist, Priceline Pharmacy Caloundra.

Edward has been nominated by the entire team at Priceline Pharmacy Caloundra, who had the following to say:

We have a fantastic Pharmacist! Our Pharmacist is friendly, positive and always there for us no matter what. Our Pharmacist is helpful, approachable and knowledgeable. Our Pharmacist makes you want to do your best every day. Our Pharmacist treats everyone the same. Our Pharmacist is Eddie and he is the Best Boss!!!

Don’t just take my word for it, just ask some more of the team!!
Lauren (Disp. Tech) – “He never asks anything of anybody he wouldn’t do himself. From stocking shelves, emptying rubbish and vacuuming the floor. Always boosts morale in store and makes coming to work enjoyable. He makes each employee feel valued as a person and appreciated.”

Naomi (Disp. Tech) – “He is extremely supportive of all the staff, has awesome customer service and never thinks any part of the job is beneath him. He treats everyone with respect.”

Debbie-May (Beauty Advisor) – “Eddie is a professional with compassion and a great deal of respect and understanding for others and their needs. He is helpful beyond measure and has an infectious, positive nature that you can’t help but to warm to and feel confident around. His character building skills within our team are second to none. He gives credit where credit is due and his attention to his team is inspiring.”

Issie (Phcy Assist.) – “Eddie is the most amazing boss, not only for his kindness, but his generosity. He never fails to reach above and beyond for his team, which makes working with him an absolute pleasure. He brightens up the workplace and never underestimates the true meaning of teamwork.”

That is why Eddie is the Best Boss!!

As the October Boss of the month, Edward will receive a boss of the month certificate and go into the draw to win the 2017 Boss of the Year award. The Boss of the Year will win either a Full Pharmacy Assistant National Conference Registration or a Full APP Registration (excluding Street Party) for 2018. Please read the Terms and Conditions here.