Don’t Be Wounded By Wound Care

By Alison Hope Community pharmacies are in an ideal position to help patients with wound care. If information given is accurate and conducive to wound healing, patients will trust you as their health care provider. The Healing Process The skin heals in a three-stage process1.Inflammatory stage: Blood vessels constrict to prevent blood loss and platelets … Read more

The PRO’s of PROtein and wound healing.

You may have looked around your pharmacy shelves and noticed the significant increase in the amount of protein products. Your store seems to be in a bulking phase. There are powders, bars and balls. There is Whey protein, Pea protein, Rice protein and more. Let’s face it, if someone wants a supplemented protein source, your … Read more

What is an unapproved Pharmacy?

Amanda Seeto explains. This is a pharmacy that has not received approval to supply PBS medicines.  A common reason for this is that the new pharmacy does not comply with the Location Rules, which ensures a commercially viable and sustainable network of community pharmacies dispensing PBS medicines. Examples of Location Rules that are not met … Read more

Self-nominations close in a month!

The countdown is on to find the next Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy Assistant of the Year. The Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award, which is now in its 12th year, is the premier award for approximately 35,000 pharmacy assistants in Australia. The Award recognises the outstanding contribution that pharmacy assistants make to the community … Read more

Seven things pharmacy assistants can say, and two they should not

Author: Heather Sexena, originally published in Pharmacy News The TGA has issued instructions to guide pharmacy assistants on what they can say to patients before and after all codeine products become prescription-only next year. The TGA says there can be a fine line between patient education and advertising, “especially if the content and presentation of information … Read more

‘Tis the season for overeating

By Linden Pirrone, Guild Trainer / Assessor The countdown to Christmas has begun! Tis the season to start preparing the ham, turkey, prawns, an abundance of salads, Christmas pudding and Pavlova (wow, I am hungry just thinking about it). But as pharmacy assistants ‘tis the season for overeating, heartburn and indigestion! Many of us, including … Read more

Our role in our customer’s sexual health

By Linden Pirrone, Guild Trainer /Assessor As Pharmacy Assistants we are continuously looking out for our customer’s health – and sexual health is no exception. So how can we as Pharmacy Assistants help our customers when it comes to sexual health? Why Pharmacy Assistants? According to up to 88% of young people are starting … Read more

Winter is here, and so is dry skin!

Dry skin is a common problem for many people and is especially common in cold or dry climates. The main cause of dry skin is a lack of moisture on the surface of the skin and a relative lack of natural oils. Dry skin occurs because there is a lack of fatty tissues in the … Read more