Brain Tweezers – Colds and flu

Many people refer to the common cold as ‘the flu’ but influenza is a more serious respiratory infection that usually makes the customer sick enough to go to bed. The flu tends to affect the chest and is usually accompanied by a fever, and limb and joint pain. The common cold only affects the upper respiratory passages causing a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat or a cough.

1. What causes a cold?


2. A customer has a sore throat, runny nose, a congested cough and a headache, what is it likely that he has?


3. A customer has the early signs of the flu and wants to catch it before it gets any worse. What is the best recommendation?


4. What is the typical duration of the flu?


5. Cold symptoms can last from two days to 14 days, but most of your customers will recover within a week.