Student of the month – August 2015

The August Student of the month is Amanda Rollings from Laidley Pharmacy!

Trainer and Assessor, Bianca Ellison has been impressed by Amanda over the last few months, especially with her confidence levels, which have improved greatly since they met. Bianca can tell Amanda enjoys working in pharmacy and looking after her customers, and her written assessments reflect this.

Amanda’s supervisor said:

Amanda is wonderful to work with. She is always the first to put her hand up to get a job done, she looks after the first aid section, takes pride in her work, and is a team player.

Did you know?

  • Laidley has a population of 3,518 people.
  • The majority of Australia’s beetroot is grown there.
  • It was named after the Deputy Commissary General of the colony of New South Wales by explorer, Allan Cunningham.
  • The Laidley Post Office opened in 1861.