Cold sores 101

The dreaded cold sore – painful, difficult to hide and most definitely embarrassing, even more so when they become infected, because we just can’t stop picking! This month we look at what causes cold sores and how you can assist customers who may be suffering from a cold sore. Usually appearing on or next to … Read more

The heart of the problem

Did you know? Up to 1 in 5 people experience heartburn at least once a week. Customers who suffer from gastrointestinal problems will often visit the pharmacy for relief. Knowledge of these conditions and how they are best treated is essential in order to provide the professional health care assistance expected by your customers. On … Read more

Column: Without a crutch to stand on

We have an ever increasing range of home and health aids available to provide our customers improved comfort, dignity, independence, and mobility. However, these aids only provide assistance when used correctly. Unfortunately, these aids are often purchased by family and carers. The lack of the user at the point of sale can result in discrepancy … Read more

Sun protection 101

One of the most important things when being out and about is sun safety, especially in summer. Pharmacies are saturated with sunscreen options, which can be really overwhelming to the consumers and the staff recommending them. This article is going to break down the basics of sunscreen and how to explain these to your customers. … Read more

It’s true, beauty isn’t just skin deep!

Did you know? Rhinoceroses are protected by thick skin which can be between 1.5cm and 5cm deep. Although polar bears have both white and transparent (see-through) fur, their skin is actually black. Amphibians, such as frogs, have unique skin. Rather than drinking water, frogs actually soak it into their body through their skin. They also … Read more

Julie’s Column: Say it with a smile

Firstly, Happy New Year and congratulations on surviving the Christmas rush – our craziest, busiest time of the year. You have, no doubt, set yourself a few personal New Year’s resolutions and they are now in full swing: Lose weight Detox Improve fitness levels Eat less chocolate Stress less…………just to list a few! So, why … Read more

Bone matters

As pharmacy assistants, you are frequently being asked about ways to increase bone strength. Due to our aging population, the prevalence of osteoporosis and the increase of diets and lifestyles with reduced nutrients, many customers now require the additional support of supplements to maintain good nutrition. The preferred way to get your requirements of calcium … Read more