March boss of the month – Alex Karol

Trainer and Assessor, Lisa Point recently finished her district visits in Mackay and spent some time in Middlemount Pharmacy visiting her student Melanie Norman. While she was there, she saw a lot of great qualities in Melanie’s supervisor, Alex Korol, Pharmacist. Lisa asked Melanie if she would be able to say a few words about … Read more

Have you got what it takes to be a star?

Pharmacy Assistant of the Year nominations now open! If you get excited about…. Hearing from a customer who benefited from your advice Learning about the newest product on the market Sharing your knowledge with your colleagues ….then you’re definitely a great candidate for The Pharmacy Guild of Australia/GuildSuper Pharmacy Assistant of the Year (PATY) Award … Read more

Did you meet Adriano Zumbo?

Did you stop by the Nuromol® stand at APP this year to see celebrated pâtissier Adriano Zumbo?  Were you curious about his recipes? We’ll, we got one for you to try at home!  Let us know how you go if you do give it a whirl! Chocolate & Chilli Macarons Chocolate Macaron Shells Ingredients 60g … Read more

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What do you know about diabetes?

4% of the population with diabetes account for 12% of health costs Diabetes is on the rise in Australia, with 62 Queenslanders diagnosed with the condition every day. It can lead to a range of complications which can cause disability and reduce quality of life and life expectancy. Diabetes is an enormous public health and … Read more