Pineapples aren’t the only big things in Queensland!

Pharmacy Practice Officers are often out and about all over Queensland for QCPP visits and assessments. Sometimes they see some interesting things as they drive from pharmacy to pharmacy, in some cases over long distances. While visiting pharmacies in March, Melanie Gill wanted to share how impressed she was by the size of these buckets … Read more

Shave and haircut, two bits

Pharmacy Practice Officer, Katy Duldig stopped by Sinnamon Park Pharmacy earlier this month and noticed not only their great shirts advertising their Facebook page, but also found one staff member missing some hair and another with an outrageous colour scheme. Turns out, it’s not a usual sight to see as the team had put their … Read more

Melanie visits the Childers Pharmaceutical Museum

While in Childers on QCPP visits, Pharmacy Practice Officer Melanie Gill was surprised to find the Childers Pharmaceutical Museum so she stopped to take a look. The Museum started out as Childers’ first pharmacy in 1894 under the name Gaydon’s Pharmacy, and closed doors in 1982 when the resident pharmacist passed away suddenly. Nothing was … Read more

Linden’s Bundaberg

Trainer, Linden Pirrone has a soft spot for Bundaberg, her father grew up there and her grandfather was the chief sugar chemist at the Millaquin Sugar Mill. A street was even named after her great-uncle, Mervyn Eastgate, after his plane was shot down over Tunisa (North Africa) in World War II when he was only … Read more

Goodbye Transit Centre Pharmacy

Trainer and Assessor, Linden Pirrone stopped by the Transit Centre Pharmacy in Brisbane on their last day of trading to say goodbye to the wonderful team. After 14 years, the pharmacy closed its doors and said goodbye to the Roma Street Transit Centre. Danielle Hyland (second from right) was Linden’s student and finished her Certificate … Read more