Pineapples aren’t the only big things in Queensland!

bucket inside blogPharmacy Practice Officers are often out and about all over Queensland for QCPP visits and assessments. Sometimes they see some interesting things as they drive from pharmacy to pharmacy, in some cases over long distances.

While visiting pharmacies in March, Melanie Gill wanted to share how impressed she was by the size of these buckets which are used as part of mining machinery.

Melanie saw the first bucket when she stopped in Capella, which is between Middlemount and Clermont. She saw her second bucket while making a stop in Blackwater.  Searching for gigantic buckets may be Melanie’s new hobby.

From the Big Pineapple to the Big Ned Kelly, Queensland is known for its many ‘big things’, obviously these buckets are included!
Do you live or work near something ‘big’? We would love to see photos and hear about your experiences!