Have you got companion selling down pat?

There is a fear that by offering extra items, you look like you are pressuring the customer to buy products. However, selling a companion product isn’t necessarily about upselling, it’s about making sure the customer goes home with everything they need.

Not only does companion selling generate more sales for the pharmacy, but it also improves health outcomes for customers. By suggesting companion products, you are showing that you care and are concerned about the customer.

Here are our top tips for successful companion selling:

  1. Enhance your customer service by offering companion information like cards, fact sheets and links to reliable resources.
  2. Forcing a customer to buy a product is not professional – always offer companion products in a tactful manner, these items are merely suggestions.
  3. If you ask, ‘would you like anything else?’ it is likely the customer will respond with no. But, if you ask if they have a measuring cup for the cough medicine they are buying you may find they didn’t even think about that and definitely do need one.
  4. If you see companion selling as another way to assist your customers, you’ll create the right atmosphere around it.
  5. It’s easier to sell a companion product if you know the original product well.
  6. Not all companion products are suitable for customers with serious health conditions, always check with the pharmacist if you aren’t sure.

Are you a companion selling pro? Share YOUR tips with us in the comments below!