Getting to know the team – Deborah Scholz

We asked Deborah a few questions so you could get to know her better:

How long have you worked at the Guild?
It’s coming up to 3 years!

What were you doing before you started at the Guild?
I worked for a company called Entertainment Publications that published the popular Entertainment Books. Needless to say, I love eating out and trying new places!

Do you have a good relationship with your local pharmacy?
I certainly do considering my local pharmacist is my brother!

Even though your brother is a pharmacist, has your perception of pharmacy changed since you started working with the trainer and assessors?
It certainly has. Our trainer/assessors are so knowledgeable and it’s great listening to them on the phone to their students empowering them with their knowledge. Pharmacy Assistants are such a crucial part in any pharmacy and it’s great seeing our trainer/assessors working with them to complete their qualifications. They are all really proud of their students!

What do you find the most interesting about pharmacy?
All the services that pharmacy offers. It’s evolved so much over the years and the services that are available to the community these days is great.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Seeing pharmacy assistants successfully complete their qualifications. It’s such a great achievement for them. Also the staff at the Guild are great which would make anyone enjoy their job!

What is a favourite/proudest moment or biggest achievement in your career?
Being appointed the Training Manager has been a pretty big achievement for me!

What do you do in your spare time?
I love catching up with friends over a long lunch. I also really enjoy baking and walking my dog, Ed.

What inspires you?
My dad inspires me every day!

What would you choose as your super power?
I’d create my own which would be not putting on weight after eating anything you wanted!