Boss of the month – May 2015

Jade Dobson has nominated her boss, Eleisha Kirk as the May boss of the month! Eleisha is the Retail Manager at Goldfields Fulllife Pharmacy.

Jade and her fellow team members, had so much to say about their boss that they sent us a whole page of Eleisha’s strengths:

Passion: Eleisha is extremely passionate about her job and it’s clear to everyone that when she comes to work she truly loves being there. Her passion for all aspects of the pharmacy is obvious to both her team and anyone who enters the store, whether they are customers or pharmaceutical representatives. She is always trying to give customers the best solution for their needs, not just sell them a product to make sales.


Compassionate: She is approachable and understanding with any situation that comes up, which makes team members trust and feel comfortable approaching her about work or personal issues. She handles both in a professional and fair manner. She is still our boss, but we can also see her as our friend.


Innovative: Although she has worked in pharmacy for over 10 years, she is always thinking of how we can advance our pharmacy and the service we provide. She is always open to suggestions from staff members and customers on how we can better our customer services or our knowledge.


Knowledge: Eleisha’s knowledge ranges from products on the shelf all the way through to the behind-the-scenes procedures of running of the pharmacy. If I am ever not sure of something Eleisha is always there to help. I have noticed that when other team members are studying their certificates, she is there for constant support and motivation.


Role model: Her enthusiasm is obvious at work and it drives other stuff members to better themselves and their knowledge. She is always ready to help team members if they need to improve on any areas of the pharmacy. Her understanding and patience when training team members makes her an excellent role model for all staff members. There is never a time when Elisha isn’t busy in the pharmacy.


We all appreciate everything Eleisha does throughout the pharmacy on a daily basis. Without Eleisha, out store wouldn’t be as well organised and wouldn’t be a happy, kind and caring workplace that we all love to work in. We feel privileged to work alongside such a great role model. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.