Student of the month – May 2015

Shannon Dimitrios from Grand Central Pharmacy in Toowoomba is the Student of the month for May! Trainer and Assessor, Tricia Haidley is always impressed that Shannon always gives that bit extra to show how much she has learnt during the month, she completes her workbooks on time and isn’t afraid to ask questions. Tricia loves that Shannon is proud to be a pharmacy assistant who provides the best possible service to those who need it.

We spoke with Shannon’s supervisor, Lynn Morgan, who told us that she was very happy that Shannon had been acknowledged.

Shannon has worked in the pharmacy for a number of years and her forte as always been customer service. Within our team, her affable nature and ready sense of humour makes her a real asset. With customers, her genuine, caring nature makes her extremely popular and since beginning her Certificate III in Community Pharmacy, she has really blossomed as her knowledge has expanded, making her even better at helping our customers.

And what did Shannon have to say?

I have been working in pharmacy for the last 4 years and decided to undertake a Certificate III to provide customers with a higher level of service. At the beginning, it was a little daunting, but I am so glad that I did it. I not only gained more knowledge, but I also have a new found confidence in myself.


My guild trainer, Tricia, is absolutely amazing! I cannot thank her enough for her encouraging words all throughout my study.


I highly encourage other pharmacy assistants to complete the Certificate III in Community Pharmacy.