Why should you take the next step with PATY?

Rebecca Mazarire
Rebecca Mazarire

I’m sure that one of the first things that goes through the mind of any Pharmacy Assistant of the Year nominee is, “how can I answer those questions?”.

For me, answering the selection criteria was a really positive exercise, it made me reflect on my role, my pharmacy and the industry as a whole. There is so much happening in the pharmacy industry at the moment and so much opportunity to make a difference. But, sometimes it’s hard to set aside the time to reflect on what you are currently doing and take the opportunity to broaden your horizons to see what other pharmacies are doing. There is always room for improvement and a better way to do things.

When I was asked to attend the Queensland Workshop Day, I didn’t know what to expect. One of the things that really struck me though, was that anyone — no matter where you work, whether you are from a large banner group pharmacy or a small independent pharmacy where you are the only Pharmacy Assistant working with a pharmacist — could be selected to attend. Every person there contributed; there were Pharmacy Assistants from all over the state who work in different environments in a variety of communities so everyone bought very different perspectives to each of the workshop modules it really broadened my way of thinking.

Everyone who attended both the workshop and the PA Conference spoke of their customers and in particular how excited their regular customers were that they had been nominated and recognised for all of their effort. Many of the pharmacy assistants, including myself, had regulars who dropped in to the pharmacy in the days leading up to the workshop and the Conference to wish their favourite pharmacy assistant well or drop in a good luck card.

Putting up a sign in the pharmacy letting customers know that a Pharmacy assistant from your pharmacy has been nominated and having customers recognise that is also very encouraging.

Of course it looks great on your resume and the main reason you should respond is because you just might win!

Good luck to all the nominees this year, I’m looking forward to finding out who the next Pharmacy Assistant of the Year is!

Rebecca Mazarire is the 2014 Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Queensland Finalist.

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