Top 5 reasons to ask your boss to send you to the PA Conference

The PA Conference offers a wide range of educational sessions to give you practical knowledge you can take back to the pharmacy. Learn about managing minor burns, promoting your in-store services, foot care for diabetics and so much more!

But, aside from these sessions, what else makes the PA Conference a must-attend event on the pharmacy assistant calendar? We’ve come up with the top five reasons why you should ask your boss if you can attend the PA Conference:

#1 Free APP2016 registration – If your pharmacy registers two or more pharmacy assistants to attend PA2015, your boss can attend APP2016 for FREE.

#2 Access to suppliers – If you’re curious about new products or perhaps you want to know more about a product you’ve been stocking on the shelf for a while, PA Conference is the perfect time to talk to your suppliers.

#3 Networking – Your peers and colleagues from other pharmacies and states have no doubt faced the same challenges you may be experiencing now or in the future. You can take the time to meet someone new and share your knowledge too!

#4 Refresher Training – You can tick off refresher training for 2015 for only $50 as a PA Conference delegate. This year, ailments of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth will be the focus.

#5 Knowledge sharing – The learning doesn’t stop with you because you went to the Conference! When you’re back in your pharmacy you can share what you learnt at the vast educational sessions, with your colleagues so the pharmacy benefits in the long run.

BONUS: Roaring 20s Conference Dinner – Prepare to swing the night away with fabulous food, entertainment and the best company you could ask for! The Conference Dinner is a major highlight and definitely loads of fun!

Need help putting together a case for sending you along? Have a look at our past post on how to ask!

For more information or to register now, visit www.pharmacyassistants.com

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