Student of the month – April 2015

Ashlee Eisel from Mundubbera Guardian Pharmacy was suggested for Student of the month by her Retail Operations Manager, Samantha Rowles. She has been a pharmacy assistant for just over two years and is about to finish her Certificate II in Community Pharmacy.

While completing her Certificate II, Samantha has seen Ashlee grow and become confident in her role. “There have been moments of disbelief, and every time she has proven herself wrong. I’ve been proud to see Ashlee take this training opportunity and give it her all.”

“The Guild Certificate training has given Ashlee a great foundation. I have seen her product knowledge improve and now she is no longer just serving customers, she is providing a full health solution for each and every one. I can see just how much Ashlee has learnt through her training, whether she realizes it or not”, Samantha said.

Samantha is very confident that Ashlee will make a fantastic pharmacy assistant, “She has shown interest and a great deal of enthusiasm for a number of our professional services. She aims to complete a dispensary course in the future and I would be happy to help her achieve this goal.”

When Samantha asked Ashlee about the favourite part of her job, she replied with:

“I love seeing our customers every day. I enjoy seeing them smiling and it makes me happy that I can help them.”