Jarred, the proud graduate!

Over the last six months, many pharmacy assistants have heeded the call and have enrolled in either a Certificate III (SIR30112) or Certificate IV (SIR40112) in Community Pharmacy. It’s not surprising though, at $495 or $195 for eligible concession card holders it’s hard to say no!

This month, Jarred Casey from Terry White Chemists Myer Centre was so excited to be able to say he was the proud graduate of a Certificate III in Community Pharmacy that we got in touch with him to talk about his experience.

Why did you enrol in the Certificate III in Community Pharmacy?
I was asked by my store manager if I wanted the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Community Pharmacy and I was more than happy to accept.

What is your favourite area in the pharmacy and did that change once you started studying?
My favourite area in pharmacy is skincare because you get to learn so much about new products and the benefits they have on the skin. After studying, it is still my favourite area to learn about.

How important is training to you?
I believe training is highly important because as a pharmacy assistant it is vital to have up-to-date knowledge and skills so you can provide the best service to customers and give them the confidence to trust the recommendations you make to help improve their wellbeing.

What is the key thing you’ve learned while doing your Cert III?
I learnt about how the pharmacy works from both the front and back and why it is important to have the knowledge of both areas – so you can help provide a good customer service to your customers. The course also highlighted how important it is to provide the right information and products to customers to help them with their needs, both with health and beauty.

Would you recommend to others to do their Cert III?
I would highly recommend that all pharmacy assistants should do this course, even if they use it as a refresher. There is a lot of great and useful information and new techniques and skills that pharmacy assistants with experience would benefit from.

Any plans for further training?
I am currently doing some online product training so I can continue developing my skills.

My experience doing my Certificate III in Community Pharmacy over the last two years, was an amazing and awesome journey. I have learnt so much about pharmacy and have had the full support of my pharmacy staff, the Pharmacy Guild and my Trainer, Linden. The experience is something that I will never forget and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

A Certificate III or IV in Community Pharmacy is currently just $494! If you are thinking about training, please visit our website or get in touch with our training specialists.