Boss of the month – December 2015

The December Boss of the month is Grant Oswald from Clermont Pharmacy in Central Queensland. Trainer and Assessor, Sharyn McErlean’s student, Caragh Galway, nominated Grant and said:

“I wouldn’t call Grant a great boss, I would call him a great friend and a great leader. A great leader is someone who encourages and motivates his team and that’s what Grant does for us. He encourages us to be the best pharmacy assistants we can be. By providing us with training courses, he is not only providing his business with knowledgeable staff but he is providing us, his friends, with opportunities we wouldn’t have without him. Without Grant and his support I wouldn’t have made it as a finalist for Queensland Pharmacy Assistant of the Year, twice.

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Not only does Grant encourage us all with a positive attitude and wise words, but he creates a great working environment. He is such a happy, helpful positive person and his attitude reflects back into our community and customers. We see the changes he is making to our community every day in our customers and their smiles. He endeavours to help out wherever he can, from vacuuming the shop or a customer’s car, tying others shoe laces, wearing a belly dancing costume (a customer made) for laughs, sneaking chocolates into customers shopping bags (so their husbands don’t see it). You just need to look at our Facebook page to see the praise our community has for him. He amazes me every day with his kindness.

Grant goes above and beyond for his staff and his community. I am very thankful that Grant is our boss.”

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As the November 2015 Boss of the month, Grant will go into the draw to win the 2015 Boss of the Year. The Boss of the Year will win either a Full Pharmacy Assistant National Conference Registration or a Full APP Registration (excluding Street Party) for 2016. Please read the Terms and Conditions here.

If you would like to nominate your Boss, please get in touch with us via or talk to your Trainer.