Why we LOVE the PA Conference!

The Pharmacy Assistant National Conference is the premier education, networking and social event for pharmacy assistants across Australia. This year’s conference is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet!

We had a chat to the Guild Training team this week to see why they think it’s the must attend event for all levels of Pharmacy Assistants….

Why Guild Trainers love the PA Conference:

Lisa Point

The PA Conference is the ‘one stop shop’ to improve product knowledge, industry knowledge and customer service and experience. Improved learning means improved confidence in-store!

Sherree Walters

PAs come together from all over the country to share ideas and develop strategies that they can then take back to their pharmacies. It’s wonderful to learn practical ideas and experiences that can be used in the ‘real world’.

Carmel Flanagan

The conference is the best opportunity to network with other pharmacy assistants, suppliers, and key players within the industry  – taking valuable learnings back to the pharmacy.

Tricia Haidley

The PA Conference brings ‘the best of the best’. It is truly inspiring to meet and be involved with a group of people who all share the same passion for pharmacy and helping people.

Linden Pirrone

The PA Conference not only recognises, but also celebrates the value PAs bring to the pharmacy industry. It is fantastic to be able to meet other pharmacy assistants from all over Australia and share and learn from each other’s experiences!

Jane Larter

There is no ‘one’ best thing about the PA Conference. The sessions are interesting and useful – no matter what level of experience you have! The trade exhibition allows you to talk with suppliers and companies you may otherwise never get a chance to talk to. And of course, the experience of meeting the finalists for PATY and listening to their innovative ideas is amazing! Many PATY winners have said they got to where they are today by listening to those inspirational PATY finalists before them.

Bianca Ellison

This will be my first PA Conference, and I’m so excited to go after listening to all the other trainers talk about it! I am most looking forward to listening to the speakers at the workshops, learning new concepts and learning new ways of doing things. I can’t wait to meet with other like-minded pharmacy assistants who have a real sense of care when it comes to their customer’s health.


The Pharmacy Assistant National Conference is held from 15-17 October on the Gold Coast. It’s not too late to register!

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