Think Pharmacy First

The Guild’s engaging and highly effective national consumer advertising campaign was launched in 2014, with the aim of strengthening community pharmacy’s position as a trusted source of health service and advice.

In Chapter 1 of the campaign, the creative approach centred on a charming animation of a community pharmacy run by a husband and wife team (Eugene and Petunia) providing a range of health services in the town of ‘Whatchoocan-Sea’.

The campaign is proven to increase positive regard for community pharmacy as a source of featured health advice and services amongst target audiences. Post-campaign research showed 75% of customers who used a pharmacy between two and six times a year, were more likely to consider using a pharmacy for advice/treatment after seeing the TV ad.

Chapter 2 of the Ask Your Pharmacist consumer campaign

The second chapter of the campaign is more digitally-focussed to maximise and intensify the targeting of the key audiences. It also includes in-store material like staff badges, prescription backs and fridge magnets.

All ads push the audience to the askyourpharmacist.com.au campaign website and all visitors to the website are encouraged to go to the ‘find a pharmacy‘ location. The campaign website features ‘find a pharmacy’ and video presentations from real pharmacists on featured healthcare services.

The animated ads will highlight health care services provided by community pharmacy, specifically baby care and asthma care (caring down for children) and medications management and diabetes care (caring up for parents).

Underpinning the campaign will be the key messages that the health of our loved ones can be a challenge but your community pharmacist is someone qualified to help.  Consumers are urged to look for the Gold Cross on their pharmacy’s door and to be confident that whether it’s baby care, asthma, diabetes or managing your medicines, their community pharmacist can help.

Did you know that you’re a powerful asset to the Ask Your Pharmacist campaign! By joining together and promoting the campaign in-store to your customers, you can make sure the message is heard by all Australians.

For more information on the Ask Your Pharmacist campaign, click here.


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