QCPP Knowledge hub – What’s new in October?

The Knowledge Hub is your one stop shop for questions your pharmacy has about QCPP. The information on the Hub includes rulings and interpretations of the Standard which enables you to understand how and why you are completing a certain action (for example, why your pharmacy requires a professional services area and what does this mean).

The Hub also contains links to sample policies and procedures to assist you in implementing and maintaining QCPP, definitions of commonly used terms, and access to download the QCPP Requirements Manual.

Each month, additional and updated support information is added to the Knowledge Hub. In October, the following information has been updated:

1.5.2 – Element 1, Action 5 and Element 11, Action 3 requires the pharmacy to have access to The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. What is this document and how do I meet the requirement?
The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights specifies the key rights of patients and consumers when seeking or receiving healthcare services. Pharmacies can display this document or the Community Pharmacy Service Charter. The Community Pharmacy Service Charter adopts the principles of The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and describes how it applies to community pharmacy.

6.6.1 – What evidence does the Assessor require as proof that the total business performance has been analysed including the valuation of stock on hand?
The evidence for this action requires the pharmacy owner manager to be able to clearly discuss the current process for business performance analysis and how the analysis is then used to enhance the future development of the business. In the event an appropriate person is unable to be present to participate in this active discussion at QCPP assessment, documented evidence should be provided. This may include a completed business plan, or other document that outlines business performance analysis and the future direction of the pharmacy.

11.3.2 – Do the mandatory requirements of the pharmacy’s T11C Customer Service Statement need to be displayed on a single document?
No. The requirement is that all mandatory information is displayed. If all mandatory information is displayed and visible to consumers (such as sign writing on a window front), the pharmacy is compliant with this requirement.

11.3.3 – The T11C Customer Service Statement includes displaying alternate after hours services. How can I meet this requirement?
Displaying alternate after hour services on the T11C Customer Service Statement can be achieved in a number of ways. This may include, but is not limited to, promoting the find-a-pharmacy website, providing details of a late night pharmacy or an Emergency Health and Walk-in Centre.

Talk to your QCPP coordinator or your store manager to get your pharmacy’s login details. If you don’t already have a login for the Knowledge Hub, you can email help@QCPP.com and request a login for your pharmacy.