Photos from the road – fashionistas in the pharmacy!

Pharmacy Practice Officer, Melanie Gill was in Tully recently and couldn’t take her eyes off the uniform at the Tully Raycare Pharmacy. As a lover of bright colours, Melanie was really impressed!

She spoke to pharmacy owner Raymond, who is proud of the quality and friendly customer service they offer in store.

raycareinemail“We love our customers, just like we hope they love our smiling faces each time they visit our store. Being comfortable and brightly dressed in the North is something that we do to keep our attitudes bright and friendly too,” he said.

Raymond and his wife believe it is important for both their staff and customers to love the uniforms. In particular, trying to accommodate all of their staff so they feel comfortable – both physically and emotionally. Raymond can see when his staff are happy and is sure their comfort level contributes to their high level of customer service.

Supporting fellow business owners is also important for the Raycare team, using local dressmakers to create the uniforms. “I know the staff look forward to the ‘new creation’ when the shop is due for new uniforms and we believe they love wearing them, especially because they are a good cut and fit. This time, we wanted something tropical and edgy with a North Queensland feel. We spoke to our local dressmaker to come up with something different to the previous uniform, with the aim of finding an option that would suit everyone on the team,” Raymond said.

We love these bright and happy uniforms! Does your store have a great uniform?