On the road – Longreach and Barcaldine

Pharmacy Practice Officer, Melanie Gill was in Central Queensland recently, visiting pharmacies around Longreach and Barcaldine. When Melanie is on the road, she loves taking photos to remember her experiences and the people she visits.

This time, she stopped by the Tree of Knowledge, a central part of Barcaldine’s history. As the founding site of the political movement now known as the Australian Labor Party, it has become iconic for both the Labor Party and Trade Unions. It was included in the National Heritage List in 2006.

Tree of Knowledge
Tree of Knowledge

She also visited Barcaldine Pharmacy, where one of their customer’s saved a baby emu from the side of the road. Robert the Pharmacist helped the customer with teats for feeding and because the closest RSPCA was in Emerald (over 300 kms away), so the customer decided to hand rear it herself.

Mel said: “I love visiting pharmacies in regional towns because pharmacies are so often the centre of many activities and there are so many amazing stories!”