January Brain Tweezers – New Years’ Resolutions

January is the month of the New Years’ Resolution; we all have good intentions, but sometimes our habits get the best of us. In January, you’re bound to see more customers coming into the pharmacy trying to give up smoking or lose weight.

How good is your knowledge on smoking cessation and weight loss? Take our quiz below!

Drinking plenty of water is important for weight loss, what is not necessarily a sign of dehydration?


What is not a ‘Quitting method’ category’?


How many days does it take for most nicotine and its by-products to leave the body?


Laxatives, herbal products, diet pills, diuretics and fibre supplements are good recommendations for assisting with a customer’s weight loss.


A customer comes into the pharmacy. Their doctor has recommended they lose about five kilos. Which of the following would be the best recommendation for this customer?


A customer has tried to quit smoking cold turkey but has been struggling, he smokes a packet of cigarettes each day. He asks to try nicotine gum. Which strength do you recommend?



These Brain Tweezers come from SIRPPKS018A Provide information, products and services on smoking cessation and SIRPPKS015A Provide information, products and services on diet, nutrition and weight management.

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