APP Wrap up with Natanya McLenaghan

For Pharmacy Assistant of the Year, Natanya McLenaghan, APP2017 was an amazing opportunity to expand her knowledge of pharmacy, network with industry professionals and push her career to the next level. We caught up with Natanya post APP to see what she took away from the conference, and why she would recommend other pharmacy assistants attend!

How was your first APP experience?

APP was a great experience, from the trade, to all of the products, informative sessions, and networking opportunities.

What sessions did you find valuable?

I think the retail pharmacy excellence stream was really interesting. It encourages you to start thinking about the larger picture for your pharmacy. It gets you thinking about how you can encourage brand loyalty and creating good customer experiences. It was really inspiring, and it’s all about taking that back and implementing it into your pharmacy.

What was your favourite aspect of the conference?

Oh I loved the trade! It was amazing to go and talk to the exhibitors and their reps about their products and build on your product knowledge! I don’t have a well-rounded knowledge of baby products for example, so it was really valuable to go and talk to these exhibitors in the trade and build on my knowledge so I can answer customer’s questions thoroughly.

What did you find most valuable about APP?

It was great to be able to network with industry professionals, pharmacists and industry reps. As a pharmacy assistant, you don’t often get the opportunity to engaged in lengthy conversations with industry professionals and even other stores. It’s great to hear what other people are doing, and how you can learn from their success.

You had the opportunity to present at APP about your PATY experience – how was it?

I think it was empowering to get up in front of people to talk about my experience, especially considering six months ago I would never have been able to do that! I am an incredibly nervous person, so it was a real achievement for me to present at APP in a room full of my peers and industry professionals. Winning PATY has been incredible for me, it has really pushed me, opened up my career and allowed me to become more confident, not just professionally, but personally. I think more people need to nominate and take part in PATY – and not just wait to be nominated, nominate yourself! I was at APP because of PATY, so it’s really more than an award, it’s a life changing experience.

Why would you encourage pharmacy assistants to attend APP?

To grow, develop, and learn! Over the four days, I learn so much about products and the industry, and had the opportunity to network with so many people. It’s an invaluable experience. I felt so immersed in the pharmacy industry, and it was exciting!
Please mark your diaries for APP2018, which will be held from 3 – 6 May 2018.