Interview: PATY WA State Winner

Who will be the 2018 National Pharmacy Assistant of the Year? WA, support your State Winner Sally at the Pharmacy Assistant National Conference on 25-27 October 2018 at Sea World Resort, Gold Coast. Meet and learn from all of the State Winners on how they became the ‘best of the best’ during the Q&A session on 26 October. Then witness who will be announced as the National Winner at the Conference Dinner that night! Learn more at

PATY WA State Winner

Sally Alfieri from TerryWhite Chemmart Mandurah Forum


  1. What was your reaction when they called your name as the WA State Winner?

I was shocked because all the girls were so great and half the girls could have won the award easily. I think it was more of a surprise and then I was totally excited.

  1. How did you first get into pharmacy? Can you give me a brief overview of your career in pharmacy?

I was on my way to a job interview with Coles when walked past a TerryWhite pharmacy  and saw the pink Terry Ferguson booth. I flagged down a lady inside and asked her what  I have to do to work in one of those pink booths.  I’d done health and wellness coaching in the past,  owned a gym,  won a Business of the Year Award and I’m also a personal trainer. I saw the pink booth and thought working in a different branch of health and wellness will be good. They looked at my resume and I got hired on the spot.

My career in pharmacy has been quite consistent. I’ve learnt a lot and I was hired in the stock room and to do the Tony Ferguson weight loss. I’m really much better with people and I like to be out on the floor so I after a year,  I was running the floor and doing supplements and vitamins. I did my S2/S3 training after about a year and I’ve been floating ever since. My position is quite versatile and I do a little bit of everything – medicine, Impromy, Tony Ferguson, S2/S3s and deliveries. I have been in pharmacy for five years now.

  1. What are your career goals?

I’d like to be better at what I do through continued training and education. I would also like to pass on my knowledge through a formal mentoring program with other staff in my pharmacy, and perhaps even in our franchise group. 

  1. Tell us about your PATY experience so far? What was the workshop day like?

The State Workshop Day was amazing and so much fun! I was really nervous at the start but Kathy the facilitator was great! We were learning all the time but it was a really light-hearted atmosphere. I took notes all day and brought back some really great tools to use in our store that I hadn’t heard of before. I enjoyed the company of the other finalists who were really top notch women and men. Overall, it was a really positive experience.

  1. Would you encourage others to participate in PATY in the future? Why?

Absolutely! It’s great for upskilling and just to be surrounded by like-minded people. It was great to be with people that actually get it when you’re trying to go above and beyond to provide that extra level of customer care.. It was good to get other people’s opinions and see how they handled things and certain situations in their store.

  1. What have you gained from PATY so far?

Confidence! To be able to have that extra information and skills that I can implement when I’m at work is incredible. It’s also really lovely to be recognised for the work that you put in.

  1. Why would you encourage a person to nominate someone or themselves for PATY?

I would encourage a person to nominate themselves or someone else for PATY because it is an awesome opportunity to learn about and develop strategies to implement next level, wow- factor customer care and community engagement within our work environments.

Sharing ideas and experiences with other like-minded pharmacy assistants on the day is an invaluable part of that process which was extremely informative and heaps of fun!

  1. What do you love about pharmacy?

I get really excited because I really love the community atmosphere. You get to meet so many different people and for me, you get to really make a difference. I get to come to work every day and get to do cool stuff, meet amazing people, learn new things and really get to go above and beyond. It’s like the pay it forward movement- If you’re doing something for people, it makes you feel good as well. You make some really good friends from the people you work with and the customers that come in – they become like family. You’re actually really involved and interwoven into the community which I love. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to come to work and make a difference and really go above and beyond for people. That’s what makes me happy.